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Graham Bowall

You want all of your website content to work for you around the clock don’t you? Whether it is making sales, subscribing visitors to your email list or contacting you directly about your products and services.

Content That Inspires Action

Your blog posts should certainly add value, and be SEO optimized so that they rank in the search engines and bring you more visitors. Each piece of content that you publish should have a clear call to action which persuades your visitors to do what you want them to do. If not then you have missed an opportunity.

By providing value to your reader they will feel obliged to reciprocate by subscribing to your email list or checking out the product or service that you recommend. It is the law of reciprocation and it works really well.

Copywriting That Works

For your sales pages you need copywriting that engages the reader and works on their emotions so that they are compelled to make a purchase. Each line in your copy needs to motivate your visitor to read the next line. Each statement that is made in a video sales letter needs to keep them watching.

The whole aim of your sales page is to convince your visitor that purchasing your product or service is the very best thing that they can do and that their decision will be rational. Your sales pages must never bore the reader or make them skeptical.

If your sales pages are not doing this well enough at the moment then you need a different approach. And I can provide that different approach for you. I will need to know everything about your product or service and why it is different and you are different. Then the golden words can be written.

Why You Should Choose Me For Your Content Marketing

I am not going to blow my own trumpet here. The comments below from some of my clients say more than I can ever say:

“I was so impressed Graham is now providing ALL the copywriting for my sales funnel from squeeze page to the end. He clearly is an expert and the writing is spot on, hitting all those pain points and it will certainly convert like gangbusters.

Graham has delivered so much, and incidentally helped me to look at my business from other angles, that I have made him my ‘go to guy’ for all my copywriting needs. Next I plan to get him writing e-mail sequences. I have no doubt these will engage my subscribers and help convert them to purchasers.

So if you are looking for copywriting & content and need high quality engaging material I cannot recommend Graham Bowall enough”.

Richard Britton

“Graham has been writing for my website for many years now and he has a natural talent for providing engaging content with good calls to action.

He is a very good copywriter and has written several web pages and email campaigns for me that have brought in more business”.

Harvey Raybould

“Graham is one of the people who is prominent on my Rolodex of people I go to when I need quality content.

Graham gets it! He is one of the few people who know how to write content that gets read AND content that the search engines will soak up.

You can certainly find writers who charge less, BUT you’ll be very lucky indeed if you find anyone who can beat Graham on quality”.

John Taylor

“Perfect content, and the client had changes (not his fault) that he made within 15 minutes. Overall, I’m very impressed. Price is worth the content – content was long, informative, and optimized for SEO (and this was a blog post – not SEO content).

A+ Highly recommend and hopefully he won’t get swamped with orders!”

DeShea Witcher

“It’s been a few months since I received my piece from Graham. I am happy to say that this is one of the best converting, most visited pages on my site. My readers absolutely LOVE what Graham wrote for me.

Graham really has a way of turning a very boring subject into an exciting, well-flowing piece of work”.

Joe Hawtin

“I was very pleased with the articles and lead magnet Graham recently wrote for me. He went above and beyond and wrote more than I requested. Top quality content, I’ll definitely recommend his services, in fact, I’m looking to put in another order”.

Angelo Garzouzie

“As soon as I communicated with Graham my hopes went way up, He asked some good questions on my specs. Long story short he slotted me in on his next available slot, a few days. When I got the test article I found the layout just what I wanted. He used some thought and insight with the product review. He didn’t just rewrite product description and add a bunch of filler. No corrections or errors extremely well written, finicky even.

Don’t hesitate. The only caution is that I believe him when he says he has just a few slots, and you may have to work ahead from a plan. When you find a writer this good you would be crazy to let him go. I know I have hired many writers over the years”.

Bill Urell

“I purchased a 1500 word article from Graham and the quality was really, really good. If you’re looking for a quality writer then look no further because Graham is the best I’ve personally used”.

Colin Linnett

“Even if he knows nothing about the subject, he has the ability to produce a very high-quality piece in a very short-period of time. The writing always flows well and is highly-engaging, which can be particularly hard when dealing with a dry subject. However, Graham is an absolute wordsmith and can bring life to any subject.

I highly recommend Graham for all of your writing needs”.

Joe Hawtin

I have been writing for websites since 1995. Yes you read that right! I have developed my copywriting skills over the years and have been inspired by such masters as Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern and John Carlton.

The Services That I Can Offer You

Content is king so make yours royal by hiring me to write:


  • Your sales copy which includes sales letters and video sales letter scripts
  • Your emails to your clients
  • Your email sequence for your auto responder
  • Your blog posts
  • Your product reviews
  • Anything to sell your products or services – presentations, brochures etc
  • E-books and lead magnets


What You Need To Do Now

What is your call to action on this page? Just contact me using the link below so that we can discuss how to make your sales pages sell for you, and your other content come alive and leave the reader wanting more and taking the desired action.

You will never regret hiring me as your copywriter and content marketer.

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