Beach Fishing Carts

The Lowdown On Beach Fishing Carts


If you want to go fishing on the beach, think about how much equipment and other accessories that you are going to need. There are rods, your tackle box, a cooler box, nets, knives, clothes, bait, a chair to sit on and a fish bat to name but a few.

If you are seriously into fishing, then it is likely that you will have more than one rod, and many other items that you need for your excursion to the beach or the pier. Carrying all these things from your car to the point where you will be fishing could involve several trips.

If you are alone, then how will you ensure that your fishing gear is not stolen on the beach while you trudge back to the car for the next load? These things happen, so you need to find a way where you can carry all your gear in one trip, and be able to watch it all of the time. The answer is a beach fishing cart.


What Is A Beach Fishing Cart?


It is a manual cart that provides you with enough space to load your entire beach fishing gear onto it in a safe and efficient way. A good fishing cart for the beach will be strong and lightweight. You do not want a cart that is heavy, as this will become tiresome to wheel around once it is loaded up with all of your fishing gear.

There are different types of carts for fishing on the beach. At the top end there are luxury carts that cost a few hundred dollars. These carts are large and usually have three or four wheels on them.

At the other end of the scale there are those that resemble dolly carts, which have been adapted for the beach with the use of special wheels. Then there are beach fishing carts that look like strollers for children, but again have been specially adapted for the beach.

Some of the carts will have two wheels and a stand, so all you need to do is raise the stand off the ground and wheel the cart away. The disadvantage with these kinds of carts is that they can tip backwards if they are carrying a particularly heavy load. Some fishing carts will have three wheels and some will have four.

With the more up market carts there are add on options which easily fit onto the original cart. These include bucket holders, cart linings, front wheels, cutting board and bait basket extensions, cart handles and even a bicycle hitch where you can attach your cart to your bike and cycle down to the beach.

Buying a cart with the ability to add further accessories is a good idea if you are just starting out with beach fishing. As you become more experienced and start to really enjoy the sport of fishing, it is natural that you will want to acquire different rods and other accessories, and you will have to adapt your cart to carry these additional items.


What Are The Best Kind Of Wheels For Beach Fishing Carts?


Fishing carts for the beach come equipped with different types of wheels. You will see beach fishing carts with big wheels and others with small thin wheels. So what is so special about big wheels? Surely any wheels will do?

If you have a cart laden with heavy gear and it has small thin wheels then it can be difficult to maneuver around the beach. If the sand is particularly soft, you can find that small wheels can sink under a heavy load.

The wheels will stop rolling if they are too thin and small, so you end up dragging your cart around and expending a lot of energy doing this. This can be more difficult than actually carrying all of your fishing gear.

Fishing beach carts with big wheels have larger, balloon like wheels and with these kinds of wheels you will find that your cart will easily glide across any kind of sand. These wheels use pneumatic tyres made of rubber that are low pressure inflatable and will make controlling and moving your cart very easy.

Some beach fishing carts with big wheels have tires which are solid core, and these are OK for the beach but are more suited to pier fishing. With solid core tires there is no chance of a puncture, and they are totally maintenance free.


What Else Should Your Beach Fishing Cart Have?


Your cart should have rod holders as this is essential. Some carts only have one rod holder, which is fine when you are just starting out, but if you buy a second rod where are you going to put it?

If you think that you are going to develop a keen interest in beach fishing, then it is better to go for a cart that can hold several rods. Some beach anglers have four or more rods and they use them all at the same time.

If you can get a rod holder with a cap this is a good idea. When you are using your rods you can place your umbrella in the rod holder to shield your bait and cooler from the hot sun. These small things are important, and will help you to really get your money’s worth from your fishing cart.

You will also need a bait bucket and a cooler. A good cooler will keep your bait alive in the hot sun. Some of the best coolers have air pumps to really keep them cool. These are battery powered and very efficient at cooling bait.


Choosing The Best Beach Fishing Cart


Now that you know that you need a fishing cart for the beach, it is time to think about which one to choose. There are many different carts out there, and they range in price from under $100 to several hundred dollars.

It is always good to go for fishing beach carts with big wheels, as these will be able to handle all types of sand with ease. Beach fishing carts that have big wheels will not get stuck in the sand, and you will always be able to move them around easily.

It is not advisable to go for a small cart even if you are a beginner. Once you get addicted to the sport, and you will, you will soon find that you have too much gear for the small cart. This will mean that you will have to buy a larger cart to carry everything.

Go for quality from the outset. The more money that you spend, the higher the quality that your cart is like to be. Your beach fishing cart will work hard for you, so you want it to last as long as possible.

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