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Start winning consistently with your horse racing punts….


Join An Exclusive Band Of Successful Punters Who Are Making Consistent Long Term Betting Profits. All This For A Small One Time Joining Fee!


This is a golden opportunity for you to join one of the most elite betting groups around that regularly celebrate high priced winners – this chance will not be available for long…


Hi this is [Insert Name],


I am a punter, not a tipster. It’s taken years of hard work, an analytical puzzle solving brain, natural talent and determination to produce consistent and highly profitable selections, on behalf of the punters who have been in the “Inner Circle” for a long time.


For several years, I have run the “Inner Circle” without monthly subscriptions and on an invite only basis forming an “internet brotherhood”. It’s been highly profitable and great fun. A lot of new friendships have been forged under the banner of victory in the great war against the “evil bookies”.


After many years the doors are being opened and only suitable candidates are being invited to join.


You Have Been Invited


So for a limited time you have a unique opportunity to get involved and receive the unique bets and angles found by the Judge and start to bet profitably just like these guys:


[Testimonial 1 ]


[Testimonial 2]


Unlike some less than scrupulous services you will get no hype or BS from this service.


If you are serious about making consistent long term betting profits then please answer the following questions:


·         Do you enjoy a bet but cannot make it pay?

·         Do you lack the time to perform the required analysis to become a successful punter?

·         Do you think that it is impossible to make consistent long term profits from betting on horse racing backing your own selections?

·         Have you tried Timeform, expensive tipping services, premium rate tipping lines or horse racing systems and not been able to make a profit?

·         Do you have the patience required to wait all week and bet only in the highest quality races at festivals and on Saturdays?

·         Do you want to enjoy having a bet, growing your betting bank and celebrating with like minded punters?

·         Would you like the opportunity to make a genuine second income from betting on flat racing?


If you answered yes to most of these questions then this elite membership is for you.

[Testimonial 3]


What Results Can You Expect?



I am about to introduce you to the fantastic “Product Name” but before I do let me show you the results that you can expect:


You will understand that no guarantee of success can be given as this is all about punting on horse racing and the results that you will get will vary. However two of my existing members recorded all bets for a year and came up with the following results independently of each other:


[Insert Results]



These results are for all of the different bets provided including National Hunt racing. Flat racing is the speciality of the “Product Name” and results are fully expected to match or better those above.



So let me introduce you to:


Product Name



Do you want to benefit from the unique talent of a full time professional punter that has a proven track record of advising bets on big priced winners time and time again in the most difficult races? Of course you do, and now you can.


Grow your bank with big priced winners, bet each way and have an excellent strike that builds confidence, learn to manage your bankroll effectively, become disciplined making sure you get on at the best prices and place terms, ratchet your unit bet size upwards whilst building ever increasing security against wipe out.


These are the objectives of this service for every member and no stone will be left unturned in that effort so that you become exactly the kind of punter that gets their accounts closed!


As a result of all this you will grow in confidence. You will be really excited about the meetings that are coming up and celebrating with other members in the social forum.


This is a totally unique service that you will not find anywhere else! [Insert Name] spends hours finding these great bets for you. He even visualises how some of the races will be run and more often than not he is right!



What You WON”T Get With This Service



·         There is no “red hot” insider information that comes directly from the stable lasses aunt’s brother in law or similar nonsense

·         There are no BS “I’ve been told to get on” messages from anonymous and nefarious sources

·         There will be no waffle, faff or “blind you with science” language to try and impress you

·         No promises of becoming an overnight millionaire



With this unique service the bookies will fear and loathe you!






Here is what you will get when you join Product Name:


·         [Insert Name]  unique [Product Name] Bets provide you with big price profits in large handicap races – you cannot get these big price selections anywhere else!

·         All of [Insert Name] other bets so you can make more profit. These have included winners up to 66/1!

·         [Insert Name] ‘Most Likely Winner Selection’ – the horse considered most likely to win on any given day. Winning sequences of 14 in a row have been provided & you can profit from these too

·         Precise staking advice to maximise your profitability and to grow your bank

·         “Bismarck” horses that are expected to get beat – the strike rate on these horses is incredible. Once [Insert Name] says that they will not win they usually run like a three legged camel and you can profit wildly! Do not bet before checking to see if your selection has been ‘Bismarcked’

·         [Insert Name] Notebook horses to watch out for that you can add to your tracker. Lots of future winners for you to profit from inside

·         Learn what it takes to win at betting, improve your skills and gain in confidence

·         Develop patience and your ability to wait for prime betting opportunities

·         First class betting bank management support -you will never feel alone, overwhelmed or alarmed. Just ask and help is at hand

·         Learn how to get the very best prices and terms for your bets to maximise profits

·         Learn how you can find value in betting markets

·         Become a “clued up” value punter that lands big priced winners, feared and loathed by the bookmakers

·         Access to unique and interesting content which reveals [Insert Name] analysis for the bets, enhances enjoyment of racing & provides real insight to the process. Many members remark on how much they have learnt, you can too

·         Exclusive Podcasts from [Insert Name] – existing members love these podcasts and you will too!

·         Essential race preview documents that you can download including PDF previews, spreadsheets and reviews

·         Full access to the members only forum where you will get expert help and will be able to celebrate victories with the “brotherhood”

·         Full and secure access to the exclusive members area of the bespoke tailor made website created especially for members of [Product Name] and this is available to you from your computer, smart phone or tablet device

·         Future developments planned include SMS bet alerts to your phone so you never miss a bet, Newsletters, FREE Cheltenham Festival Special for members (will be marketed around the £40 mark for non members) and webinars with live Q&A sessions “Ask [Insert Name]”


And so much more…



OK [Insert Name] I am convinced but….


What is the cost of becoming a member of [Product Name]?


You will have probably seen subscription fee based “tipping services” that are advertised everywhere – but you will never have seen a unique service as good as this for such a low cost. Others will charge you anywhere from £39 per month to over £3,000 + per year. This is frankly excessive and beyond the means of most.


[Product Name] is entirely cost neutral apart from the small one time signing up fee of £10. You will not have to pay a subscription from month to month. Nor will you be paying for tips or information.


No monthly subscription payments!


What do I get out of this? All I will ask you to do is to place a small bet on the “[Product Name] Bet” alongside your own bet and then use PayPal to send me any winnings. In this way you will only send money when you win.


Any losses will be recovered from winning bets and all stakes will be returned to you. If I were not extremely confident in my ability to provide profitable selections then there is no way that I could offer this arrangement to you. This method has so many benefits:


·         You can be sure that I will be incentivised to deliver winning bets for you – no winners for you means no money for me

·         You will not have to pay a monthly subscription in advance whether you win or not

·         You will become more disciplined with your betting and improve your self control

·         It creates mutual trust

·         You will recognise the prime selections expected to produce biggest long term profits

·         You will benefit from me focussing on profitable selection finding activities rather than monitoring the membership and managing subscriptions which can be time consuming, time better spent on racing

·         You will experience greater returns as there will be a limited number of members. This will protect the prices available. Getting the best prices is essential to profitability. Too many members may mean some members miss the price.



This Opportunity Will Only Be Available For A Short Time!


The “Inner Circle” membership has been operating for many years on an invite only basis. There are a limited number of membership spots available in the newly opened ‘[Product Name]’ and this is not a BS scarcity claim. There are two genuine reasons for this which I am sure you will understand:


The Prices Need To Be Protected


The prices need to be protected. If there are too many members and they are all “on” the same selection then the bookies will shorten the odds and members may not get all their money on at the right price. I constantly monitor the prices and know where the tipping points are.


I Only Have So Much Time Available


I take care of all of my members and there is a very active community. There is a finite number of people that I can take care of. I have to spend a lot of my time researching and analysisng to ensure that you receive the very best selections.




[Insert Join Now]






My Commitment To You


·         You will receive the same selections as everyone else which can be confirmed in the exclusive members area and the forum.

·         You can be assured of my total commitment to provide the fullest effort with research and the selection methods. The work involved in this is more than the average working week and it is essential for high profitability.

·         You will receive selections for a minimum of three full flat seasons which is more than enough to turn an average starting betting bank into a very profitable one!


Your Commitment To Me


·         You will keep these selections to yourself. Spreading them around is forbidden and counterproductive

·         You will agree to place the specified bets and forward the winnings to me in a timely manner



Join Other Profitable Punters While You Have The Chance


Are you ready to take the professional approach needed to make a significant second income from betting on horse racing? You will receive all of the help that you need inside, and you will make some great new friends who are just like you.


The only reason that you are reading this page is because you have been very carefully selected to join us. This is not for everyone, but it is highly likely that it is for YOU because the whole process has been designed with you in mind.


Hit the join button now and I will look forward to seeing you on the inside…



[Insert Join Now]





Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why Are You Opening The Service Up After So Many Years?


A. There is a special and personal altruistic motivation, a ‘good cause’ for which [Insert Name] wants to raise funds, behind this decision. The details are shared in the members area of the website


Q. What are the fees?


A. There is a £10 one off joining fee designed simply to ensure that those that become members are prepared to pay up. Other than that the service is intended to be entirely cost neutral to members. There are no on-going subscription or membership fees


Q. What are the [Product Name] Special Bets?


A. These are the very best bets signalled by the [Product Name] Methodology, often in large field handicaps on Saturdays and the big flat festivals. All of these bets will be in handicap races, mostly in class 2 or higher with 16 runners or more


Q. What is a “to the odds” betting service?


A. This is a service where the punter is required to place a bet on behalf of the service provider and to render the winnings when they occur. The bet is placed alongside the punters’ own stakes.


Q. What size bet is demanded for the service?


A. Unlike some unscrupulous services which demand large bets of up to £500 on a single advice, you will only be required to place a win bet of £2.50 at the price given at the time the bet is released.


Q. Which selections form part of the “to the odds” service?


A. You only need bet £2.50 to win on the Handicap Snip Special Bets on behalf of the service. All other bets given out are unconditional.


Q. How Many [Product Name] Special Bets Can I expect?


A. This is impossible to answer, it could vary between none for a week or two and up to maybe 3 or at most 4 on a very busy Saturday in the height of the flat season. Selections will only be designated “Special” if they meet certain criteria such as a very high expectation that they will at least place and you will be advised to stake your own bets accordingly.


Q. How do I calculate how much to remit after a winning Special Bet?


A. Look at the return from the winning bet and deduct your own £2.50 stake, which you keep always, and then recover any previous losing bets as well. For example, if there were 4 previous losers in a row then a winner you would recover 4 x £2.50 = £10 from the return of the winning bet.


Q. Why a “to the odds” service instead of subscriptions?


A. Two reasons, which are to protect prices and to raise the revenue required. If the service was run as a subscription based membership the monthly fee would be excessive and off putting. This way the cost is virtually zero to each member whilst providing the revenue level needed, and without destroying prices by having hundreds of punters getting on at the same time.


Q. What about losing runs?


A. Losing runs are inevitable and you should have a betting bank large enough to cope should a run of losers be encountered. However, the [Product Name] Special Bets will almost always be given as an each way bet and the strike rate for placing with these bets is exceptionally high, meaning your bank will still grow even if a run of “seconditis” occurs (and they do). Remember, you only send winnings for bets placed on behalf of the service when the selection wins the race.


Q. What other bets will be included?


A. [Insert Name] will recommend other bets in other types of races, such as Group races and jumps races as seen fit. Every bet given will be fully considered and deemed a value bet. Please be aware that there will be many ‘no bet’ days as only high class racing is considered.


Q. What else is available inside the Members Area?


A. A members only forum, podcasts, race write ups to download, notebook horses, Bismarcks (horses expected NOT to win), daily plays such as back to lays and in the months to come SMS bet alerts to ensure you never miss a bet.


Q. Why should I join?


A. This is a long running and highly profitable betting service run by a full time professional punter with tremendous analytical skills, natural talent and laser like focus. This is an opportunity to become a successful punter over the long term, to grow a betting bank and generate a second income whilst having good “craic” with a bunch of similarly minded punters. In addition, it’s extremely low cost and low risk, no long subscriptions or heavy fees to pay up front and you only send money won from the bookmakers when you win yourself.


Are You Ready?


Ready to bring a professional mindset to your betting? Or are you at least ready to learn and implement that mindset? If so, you may be just the right kind of punter to benefit massively like those who have kindly supplied their testimonials. They were all ordinary punters before they came on board and now they are winners.


You can be a winner too, hit the button and get started.


[Insert Join Now]



I wish you every success with your betting on horse racing.


[Insert Name]


p.s. What are you doing down here? Create a profitable long term betting bank by joining the successful punters in the [Product Name] NOW!


p.p.s. I cannot guarantee that if you come back tomorrow that there will be a space available for you. I have to control the numbers of members so we can all benefit from bigger prices. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining right now. Don’t miss out!


[Insert Join Now]



[Final Testimonial]

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