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Promoting Your CPA Offers With YouTube


A great way to gain exposure to your CPA offer is to use YouTube. People love videos, and YouTube is the second most popular website in the world according to A lot of people try this method and end up not getting the results that they want or run into trouble, so use the advice below to give yourself the best chance.

The first thing to understand is that there is always a risk of being banned from YouTube. They have very strict policies and you need to adhere to them to ensure that your videos stay listed. If you do get your video taken down, then don’t get too disheartened with this. It is unlikely that you will ever know the real reason for this, so just move on.


Research Your Niche Market


You need to know if the subject of your CPA offer is popular with people that use YouTube. This is very easy to find out. Let’s stick with our garcinia cambogia example which is in the weight loss niche.

Go to and search for “weight loss”. There will be many results returned, as you probably already know that weight loss is very popular. Use the “Filters” button and then “sort by view count”. This will present a list of videos that have the highest amount of views. There are some staggering view counts for weight loss videos going into the millions.

If you are promoting a garcinia cambogia offer then search for this on as well, and sort by view count. You can use other keywords and do the same thing. Each time you do this note what kind of videos are on the first page. Are they mainly live footage or are any slide based presentations there?


Using Other People’s Videos To Drive Traffic To Your Offer


Not everybody that posts a video on YouTube is looking to make a profit from it. Some people that have lost a lot of weight will just want to show off. It is possible to find videos like this as they will not have a link in the video description. Send the video owner a message offering them a small monthly payment to add your link to their video description.

You can use the messaging service in YouTube to do this. A number of the video owners will not realize that their video has commercial potential. If you are able to negotiate this with some video owners, tell them that you will trial this for a month to see how it goes.


Create Your Own Videos


It is easier than you think to create a compelling video using free images and free recording software. You do not have to narrate the video, but these tend to convert better than videos that just contain background music. You can always find a voiceover artist on that will do this cheaply.

Make the video as interesting as you can. A 1-2 minute video is fine. You can also use to find people who will record your video for you in front of a camera. Videos that have real footage in them are a lot more interesting than just slide shows.

Once your video has been created, be sure to add your main keyword in the video file name and the title of the video. So as an example, your video file name could be garciniacambogia.mp4. You will need to add your link right at the start of the description, and add some useful information here which includes other related keywords.


Be Prepared To Make Several Videos


It is unlikely that a single video will be a hit the first time. Create a video channel about your niche and add videos regularly. Once you get the hang of doing this it will not take you long to create a few videos each week. Share your videos on social media for more exposure.

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