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Subject: Decide Your Way To Success



Congratulations and welcome to the “Your Success Secrets” e-course which will explain all the important ingredients that you need to attain success and be happier in your life. The course has many true stories that I am sure you will be able to relate to and learn from.


Like your life, mine has been full of ups and downs, failures and successes, good and bad times. What I have done, that most people don’t do, is to swing the balance in my favor so that I have many more highs than lows. Do I still have lows? Of course but I can deal with them quickly and effectively and get back to the highs.


If you ask people what they want from their life, most people will hesitate in their answer or maybe even say “I really don’t know” It takes just too much effort for people to decide what they really want and one of the reasons for this is that these days we have just too much choice. “What! Are you a communist [Name]?” No I am just stating a simple fact.


Today we are being spoon fed with everything – information is at our fingertips with TV, radio and most importantly the Internet. If you wanted to research something before the advent and popularity of the Internet, you used to have to get off your butt and go to a library or talk to people with the knowledge you required. Now don’t get me wrong – I love the Internet and I think it is one of man’s greatest inventions of all time. But it has made us even lazier and less focused.


Let’s face it we live in an instant gratification world. We want everything NOW! And we don’t want to get off our spotty rear ends and put any effort into getting it – whatever it is!

These days we can have our meals delivered to our door, watch instant garbage on one of our gazillion TV channels, put a bit of plastic into a machine and get money, or give another bit of plastic to a shop assistant and get goods immediately. We can even buy a ready made bride on the Internet! What’s next? The person who invents the product that extracts your urine automatically for you without you leaving the couch will be the next billionaire for sure!


If you have already listened to part one of [Product Name], you may recall a story I told you about a colleague of mine who couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch! If you haven’t listened to it yet (absolute shame on you!) then the reason for his inability to decide was because there was too much choice. This guy was a real smart cookie but he had a real problem making decisions – not just on small things like what to have for lunch but in many areas of his life. Are you like this?


If someone asks you “what do you want to do at the weekend?” this will conjure up all kinds of possibilities for you and unless you have already thought about it this could be very tough to answer. Now if I rephrase the question and ask you “what do you want to do at the weekend – go to a soccer match or watch a movie?” how does this make you think? Well it gives you only three choices. “Are you a numbskull at maths [Name]? There are only two choices!” Actually there are three – go to a soccer match, watch a movie or do something else.


Now the point of this is to show you the power of narrowing down your choices. It will force you to decide on a course of action and then you can direct all your energy into this. And this is the first step to success – deciding what you want.


In session two of [Product Name] I not only help you to decide what you want by giving you ideas to stimulate your mind but I also give you a great way of assessing whether what you decide is right for you. I then give you a mega powerful technique to turn this into a burning desires! I prefer the term desire rather than goal as it carries much more emotion.


Link to product page here


So the most important step in being successful is to really decide what you want. Narrow down your options and pick one that will really get you off your soft bits and motor.


So stop being a couch potato and take some time out thinking about what you really want. Do you want more money, better health, financial independence, to be a champion mud wrestler? It’s up to you but just get your thoughts together and decide! Do you hear me! Cut out the dross from your life and decide what you want.


You will then have taken the critical first step on your success ladder.


The next lesson is called “Your Success Plan” and you really don’t want to miss this – so look out for it in your inbox in about three days time.


Remember “Information is only power if you use it”


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