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Subject: Your Success Plan


Welcome back. Did you take the time out over the last couple of days to think about what you want from your life? If you did well done – top of the class – gold star and all that. If you didn’t; switch of your computer immediately and give yourself a few golden minutes to think about what you want. Only then return to this lesson!


You probably already know that the process of being successful is a three step one (you didn’t know this – what you haven’t listened to [Product Name] session one yet! Go and listen to it right away you drifter!).


  1. Deciding what you want
  2. Plan how you will do it
  3. Then do it!


Now most people fall down at step one, some at step two and a lot at step three. I will be giving you many ways to overcome failing at step three in later lessons, but for now I want us to concentrate on step two – planning.


There’s an old saying “if you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Imagine that you have been given the opportunity to go on a journey to find hidden treasure that is worth millions of dollars. All you have been told is that the treasure is buried in a deserted temple (the name of which you have been given) in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Asia. Oh and the other bit of information that you have is that ten other people have been given this information at exactly the same time as you!


So what do you do – jump in your car, hit the go pedal to take you to your nearest airport and get on a flight to Asia? Will this get you to the treasure faster than the others? Probably not! You need a plan. Asia is one big continent with thousands of temples so you need to narrow this down a bit. With a bit of research you could probably find in which country the temple is located – a big starting point eh? Then you need to check out whether you need a visa to enter the country and so it goes on. What’s happening here is that a plan is being formulated. A step by step process; that you must think through and then follow to get to the treasure first. Perhaps this is a great idea for a new computer game – or maybe someone got there first!


As a life metaphor, most people just jump into their car and press “go” without knowing where they are going. If they have a destination in mind they never take the time to plan the quickest route. Now I’m not talking about planning every miniscule move you make in your life – this is far too anal. I am talking about big steps you need to take to achieve your desires.


Let’s assume that your chosen desire is to make $100,000 by this time next year. So how exactly are you going to achieve this? Well I don’t know your situation but I will assume you have a job at the moment and let’s say that this nets you $30,000. So you need to find another $70,000. Ok so we break that down into 12 months which equates to $5834 (roughly) a month. Now you need to think about how you can find that extra money every month. A home business perhaps, gambling (ouch!), change your job to a much higher paying one, investments….. and so on.


People tell me that they find it hard to plan to achieve their desires – well I’m going to tell you that it isn’t. There is a wealth of information available on how to achieve just about anything – yes on our old friend the Internet, and also in many books and other publications. Do a little research – even better ask other people who have succeeded in your field of endeavor. When I was creating [Product Name] I researched and spoke to many successful people. These people love telling their story.


In [Product Name] session 3, I will show you an incredibly powerful technique to generate your plans and keep new ideas coming. I will also show you how to structure your plans for maximum success.


Link to product page


So the second important step to success is making your plans. Now you know what’s coming don’t you? That’s right a little effort is required. Before you reach for the TV remote and your favorite potato chips think about this – your life will never change and you will never get what you want if you have a degree in couch potatoing!


So get off your butt and make your plans – you won’t regret it!


In three days you will receive part three of A New You called “Controlling Your Inner Forces For Success” Make sure you don’t miss it and have your plans ready!


Remember – Reach for the stars but do it in steps








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