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Subject: Controlling Your Inner Forces For Success



You did your plans right? As usual you have my congratulations if you did – and my commiserations if you didn’t. What’s the matter with you don’t you want to be successful? Of course you do – so stop reading this and go and do your plans now!


Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you had to do something important but you just couldn’t be bothered to do it? Of course you have – we all have. Now there were other times where you were so fired up you took on an important task and finished it with pride. Why does this happen?


It’s because within all of us there are two opposing forces – I call them your higher and lower self. It was your higher self that was responsible for making you finish that important task with pride and your lower self that made you put off the task. Do successful people have the same forces within them? Of course they do, they have just learnt to keep their lower self out of sight and keep their higher self to the forefront of their minds.


A few years ago I was studying for my business degree – “what you have an education [Name]?” Yeah hard to believe isn’t it? The course was a combination of examinations and continuous assessment. Now this means that I had to assignments on a regular basis and these were assessed. The marks for these assignments went towards my final grade and were very important. Each time one of these assignments was given out my lower self used to kick in and tell me “Oh no [Name] – another figging assignment” Or something similar to that. This immediately made me feel lethargic and my thoughts turned to the TV and potato chips.


For the first few assignments I turned in absolute junk. The bare minimum I could muster which of course I slung together the night before it was due. Now I am talking a complete shambles here, but somehow it was always just good enough to keep my head above water. Was this because they didn’t give me sufficient time to complete the work? Well I think two weeks is long enough to write four pages don’t you?


Now all around me the smart guys were getting A’s and distinctions. But these people were no better in the lectures than I was. This motivated me to kick in my higher self and my next batch of assignments were out of this world. I got straight A distinctions for all of them – in fact the college used a couple of them as examples for future classes! “Oh what a big head you have [Name]!”


Well I can’t claim all the credit as I had a little help from books and other people who were knowledgeable on the subject – no Internet then (yes I am a dinosaur). But the important thing here is what made me change and promote my higher self in order to succeed.


You see if you really want success, deciding what you want and planning how to get it just isn’t enough. You have to kick in your higher self all the time to give you the motivation to succeed. Often this can occur when you see others getting something that you want, which stirs such strong emotions within you that you force your lower self out of the way and drive yourself to success.


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Keeping you higher self prominent within you is a full time job at first but it becomes easier the more that you force it through. But beware, your lower self is always lurking in the wings and will take any opportunity to fill your ass with lead weights and your mind with negatives.


When you are beginning your success journey, you need to concentrate on controlling your lower self all of the time. After the passage of time you will not need to do this as often because your higher self will have ingrained itself within you.


So that’s it for today. Make a start on your plans immediately and start on your road to success. Don’t let your lower self prevail. Forget the soap operas on TV and all the other meaningless dross in your life and work your plans now!


In three days time you will receive the next exciting installment in your life “Thought Control Equals Success” This is by far the most important lesson of all so don’t miss it!


Remember – “You will never be a champion body builder if you just watch people work out” So get on with it!






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