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Subject: Strengthen Your Resolve For Success


Hello again.

In the last lesson you learnt about thought control and how important this is for your success. Today I want to share with you the secret of all successful people – an Iron Resolve.


I told you that I studied and met a number successful people to produce [Product Name]. These people all had very different personalities but they all had one thing in common – an Iron Resolve.  What do I mean by this? Well if any of these people said that they were going to do something you could safely bet your home on the fact that they would do it.


How did they develop this iron resolve? Simply by committing to actions and achieving them every day. Did they watch soap operas and read the tabloids? No way! If fact most successful people don’t read newspapers or watch the news at all because it is often very depressing and could promote their lower self (yes they have a lower self too).

Do they waste their time and energy bitching about other people and complaining about the government? What do you think? A successful person believes they can achieve their desires whatever the state of the economy or the instability in the world. There will always be instability in our world – this is human nature. If you are waiting for a perfectly harmonious world you will never succeed.


You have to push yourself regardless of how you are feeling. We all have bad days where we feel down and tired and in a totally can’t be bothered mood. The best way to get out of this is to push through it. Getting into the habit of taking action is just as easy as getting into the habit of doing nothing. The difference is that the rewards are far greater for taking action. And I don’t just mean financial or desire orientated, your subconscious will change you into an action power house and you will feel that you can achieve anything.


Don’t be afraid of failure! If you fail in something so what! Failures only exist in the grave. As long as you have breath you can succeed. Never give up do you hear me – never!


You see the more you practice taking action and doing what you say you will do the stronger your resolve will become. This will send very powerful messages to your subconscious that you are serious about success and it will bring you success. Making commitments and sticking to them is just one of the necessary traits that you need to build an iron resolve.

In session 5 of [Product Name] I will share the traits with you and how you can successfully develop them with ease.


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So make a commitment to yourself to follow through on everything you plan to do and strengthen your Iron Resolve. Don’t fall foul of your lower self making you put things off as this will weaken your resolve significantly, and when you do get around to your plans it will be doubly difficult to succeed.


If you don’t know the Disney story here it is. He went to over 300 financial organizations to raise money for his Disney World Park idea. He was told that he was crazy by many of them but he never gave up. He had an iron resolve.


In three days I will send you the next power packed lesson called “Confidence Brings Success”. Be sure not to miss this and keep plugging away at your desires to strengthen your resolve.


Remember – W.W. Ziege said “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”.







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