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Subject: Confidence Brings Success



In this article we will address the important area of confidence in your quest for success.


Now this may shock you but I was very shy and timid when I was younger. Up until my mid to late twenties I was a shy boy. I had major issues with meeting girls, making friends, progressing with my career and other big things in my life.


One day at work they told us that we would have to go on a training course to improve our communication skills. I was petrified at the thought of this and the fear grew even stronger within me once I read the course syllabus – the last objective was giving a presentation. What speaking in front of people? Get me out of here! That was then. Now I am confident speaking in front of hundreds of people and I enjoy it immensely. So how did I make the swing from this epitome of timidity, to wanting to speak to the world?


The answer is I met my FEAR head on. Dale Carnegie said that every time you act on a fear you strengthen it. If you accept this fear it will strengthen your lower self and can paralyze you. Most people have had this feeling when trying to approach someone of the opposite sex or make a cold telephone call.


The first step to confidence is to have total respect for yourself. The word respect is preferred to love yourself here, as love conjures up different connotations for different people. You don’t need to have a passionate affair with yourself, rather to have total belief in yourself and your abilities. You and successful people are the same, they breathe, eat, sleep and make mistakes just like you. The difference is that they can turn on confidence whenever they need it.


If you are in a room full of strangers, how do you walk? Do you walk with a confident strut with your head held high and a beaming smile on your face? Or do you walk nervously with your head down praying that nobody wants to talk to you? By walking with your head high and smiling you not only send positive signals of confidence to everyone in the room but also to your subconscious. So go on try it! It’s guaranteed to get you attention!


Confidence is not about being arrogant and flash it’s about believing in yourself and your abilities. Do you believe you can do any job in the world? No. Why not? It’s just a matter of confidence. Of course if the job requires highly specialized training like brain surgery you would have to do that training first, but you could be a really successful brain surgeon if you wanted to. Having supreme self confidence and believing that you can do anything is key to being truly successful.


Rejection is probably one of the biggest fears people have and probably kills more dreams of success than anything else. You don’t need to fear rejection – fight it and make it your friend! Do you know that it takes an average of 7 contacts to make a sale? That means six rejections! Walt Disney had 300! Don’t fear rejection – it will stop you succeeding do you hear me?


So that’s it – just tackle your fears head on and you will build your confidence in no time. It will take a little practice but its well worth it.

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Remember – James Frank said “Our Greatest Battles Are That With Our Own Minds”







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