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Subject: Success From Happiness


Hello again,

Are you happy with your life? No. Why Not? You may be wondering what this has to do with being successful. Well the truth is that you can become as successful as you want to be but it may not make you happy.


But you also need to know that happiness attracts success! If you are happy about your life and what you do, everything will be easier for you. Happiness is free and is easy to attain. However, there are people who feel and think otherwise. Almost all people are trying to achieve happiness. Who would not want to be happy?


So how do you achieve happiness?


The greatest question mankind has been trying to answer for a long time is the question, “How do you achieve happiness?” Many ways are explored by people just to be happy. However, there are instances where the happiness of one person could mean the end or deprivation of happiness of another person. Thus, happiness is made to appear as something that can be possessed or owned by someone important.


Many factors dictate happiness for each and everyone. Oftentimes you will discover that happiness is not dependent on one factor alone. A variety of factors can bring about happiness. Contentment is a concept that can prevent people from attaining happiness. As long as people do not find contentment, chances are, there would never be happiness in the world.


Happiness And Contentment
Happiness and contentment go together. These two concepts are not simply bedmates. They are more partners bound by marriage. Notice that one can never exist without the other. No one can be happy without being contented and no one can ever be contented if he or she is not happy. Mankind is always on the look out for contentment. Because contentment is difficult to find, many people are never and can never be happy.


Starting Small
Greedy people could never be happy because they can never be contented. This is painful but part of human nature. Happiness should never be based or dictated by possession of material things. Be happy, thankful, and contented. Count your blessings now. You will be surprised about how much has already been given and provided to you.


Pay attention and focus on your blessings. Be thankful for the small things in life. Be happy that you wake up each day and see sunrise. Be happy that you have a comfortable bed, nutritious food on the table, a reliable car that you use to go to the office, and family or friends around you. Appreciate the things that you usually take for granted and feel instant happiness.


Happiness is achievable. It is only just a hand and grip away from you. Go for it for it is the next best thing!

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Remember – George Bernard Shaw said “A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”








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