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Subject: Daily Success For You



Time to wake up from your hypnosis session now – do you know you have been asleep for three days?


Congratulations – you made it. You are so far ahead of the rest it’s unbelievable. The mere fact that you are reading this proves you are developing your iron resolve and on your way to success.


This lesson is what it’s really all about – putting together all that you have learnt and creating a daily ritual for you to follow that will guarantee your success. One of my favorite motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, said “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”.


I said at the beginning that continuous daily action will bring about success for you – and it will. But this is also a dangerous area because if you start missing days then it can soon evaporate into nothing, with the old “lower self” swashbuckling back into your life. And you don’t want that do you?


The first thing I want to tell you is that you need to be prepared for – the unexpected. You get sick, your mother in law comes over for the day and stays for a month, you have to travel, your home needs attention and so it goes on. I can guarantee this will happen to you so you have to be prepared for it. Something will monopolize your time for an entire day that you are obligated to do, and if you are not careful, this will give power to your lower self. You will feel frustrated that you can’t get on with your daily actions particularly if you have been on a good run, like you have been able to achieve all your actions for many days in a row or even weeks and are very close to achieving your desire.


You have to stay focused and get back to your actions as soon as you can. Don’t let the momentum carry you in the wrong direction.


Start each day off right by doing something that will motivate and energize you into action. This can be something as simple as listening to your favorite motivational music. Go on put it on full tilt and move and energize your body!


Make sure that you commit all of your desires to paper and have these posted prominently where you will see them every day. Keep a copy in your purse or wallet so that if you are on the move you can always refer to them. Believe in this stuff, it really works. If you are skeptical you will achieve nothing. There are plenty of skeptical people in the world, I call them “the drifters”. But I am also grateful to them and so should you be as they take away our trash, sell us our groceries, make our cars and so on.


Break down your plans into daily actions and push yourself to complete your list of tasks everyday. Plan the time you have available for your desires and use every drop of that time. Be realistic here – if you have to work a full time job then devote say a couple of hours each evening and a bit of time at the weekends. You don’t want to give yourself dozens of tasks that you have no hope of finishing as this will demotivate you and could lead to your lower self surfacing and sending you to the couch!


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So there you have it – your nine success lessons. Follow them and join with me in a world full of happiness and opportunity. It’s been a great pleasure sending you these lessons and I hope that you get everything you can from them.


Before we finish I want to leave you with another quote from my all time hero Winston Churchill. Winston said “success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”.


Never lose your enthusiasm – I will be in touch again real soon.








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