Facebook Page Engagement

Driving Up User Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page


There are a number of ways that you can increase the amount of engagement that you experience on your Facebook business page. To make sense of all of this you first need to understand the rules of engagement.


The Rules Of Engagement


If you want to increase the engagement between your visitors and customers on your Facebook page you have to think about what is interesting for your audience. For your Facebook page you need to achieve the following goals:


  • Make yourself more attractive
  • Know how to engage
  • Know how often to engage


When you have achieved these goals it will result in the highest level of engagement and the most interaction.


What About Your Facebook EdgeRank?


EdgeRank was introduced by Facebook in 2011 and it is an algorithm that dictates what appears in any given user’s news feed. The algorithm has three components which are all referred to as “edges” and these influence what appears. The edges are:

Affinity – This is a measure of the interaction between any two Facebook users. Your affinity score with a Facebook fan will rise the more that you interact with them and this will increase the likelihood of your posts appearing in their news feeds.

Weight – This is related to the type of interaction with the post. A share carries more weight than a comment, a comment carries more weight than a Like and a Like carries more weight than a post that has just been clicked.

Time decay – This is all about the timeliness of a post. When the post becomes old it is deemed as less relevant and important and this will mean that it is unlikely to show up in user’s news feeds.

If your EdgeRank is low in a user’s account then the less engaged you will be with that user. This will lead to fewer opportunities to engage with them.  Facebook claim that an average of 17% of a business page’s posts appear in fans news feeds. You need to boost your EdgeRank.


Add Personalization To Your Posts


If you think about the majority of posts that people receive in their Facebook feed they will be personal in nature. Videos of their cat playing with a toy, a description of a dining experience or a night out or the latest picture of their baby.

These are popular amongst family members, friends and people that you work with because they are interested in your life and the experiences that you have had. They know you, so it is fine to share personal things with them.

A lot of business owners understand this but are reluctant to go personal on Facebook. It is important that your visitors and customers know as much as about you as possible so it is OK to share your thoughts about the big game at the weekend, a social gathering or your kid scoring their first goal in the soccer team.

Companies in the B2B market and the larger brands may think that it is more difficult for them to do but it isn’t. Your aim should be to include a personal touch with all of your Facebook posts so that people can relate to them.

When you share personal content your fan base will feel a stronger connection to your brand and it changes you from a faceless organization to a real human being. This will provoke a much higher response to your post.

You can ask your fans to share their personal experiences too. They can be requested to share something about themselves in response to one of the posts that you have made.


Go Visual For Extra Engagement


By using visual content in your posts you will attract a lot more attention and engage your Facebook page users more. Facebook have researched this and found that photo albums increase engagement by 180%, images by 120% and videos by 100% more than just a text post.

You can take this to new levels of engagement by asking your fans to write a caption on your images and videos. This has been proven to increase engagement by 5.5 times more than a standard post will.

They also found that the use of smiley emoticons in a post increased the number of Likes by 57%, comments by 33% and shares by 33% over posts that did not include them. These are just simple drawings but they have an amazing impact.

Go for images in your posts as much as possible and surround these images with compelling content so that users will read all of it. If the images that you use are related to your products or services (and they should be) then you will increase your chances of a click through to relevant landing pages on your website.


Running A Contest Will Drive Up Engagement


A Facebook contest is a great way to drive up the engagement of your fans. Firstly think about the goals and objectives of your contest and how it will enhance your brand. When using contests for engagement you need to determine how you will measure this.

You can measure the number of comments, the number of competition entrants, the number of new fans that you gain from the contest and the number of shares. Spread the word about your contest on all of your social media channels, on your website and through email.

Determine your objectives for the contest and decide whether the prizes will be real or virtual, ongoing or one time. You could just run a contest to vote for fan of the month or you could give away prizes for the most creative use of your logo in a fan photograph.

For even more engagement ask your fans to vote for the winner each time.


Add Humor To Your Posts


The use of humor in your posts will really help your fans connect with your brand. If they have had a long day at the office and see your post on Facebook and it makes them smile or better still laugh, then this will often lead to high levels of engagement.

There is also the sharing aspect of humorous images, videos and memes. If they make your fans smile they are very likely to share them with their friends, which is a great viral tactic to increase your reach.

Keep the humor simple. You can create an image of a cute baby or child with a funny caption, or maybe a dog or a cat doing something funny. People really seem to connect with these kinds of images and will share them more often than not.


Highlight Your Employees


Companies and organizations consist of human beings so put some of them in the spotlight so that your fans can relate to the human element of your business. You can just use an image of some of your employees working or spending time with each other.

Tell your fans more about your employees and this doesn’t just mean their job title. Discuss their talents, their hobbies, why they joined your company, what they like to do in their spare time and anything else that you think will be of interest to your fans.


Respond To Comments Quickly


Most businesses pride themselves on their customer service but let themselves down when it comes to their Facebook page. It is estimated that 95% of businesses do not respond to comments made on their pages by users.

When you respond quickly to these comments you are demonstrating your willingness to engage and all of your fans will see this. This is likely to encourage other fans to leave comments, which is exactly what you want.


It’s All About Timing


You need to know your audience here and when they are likely to use their Facebook account. In a lot of cases this will be after they have finished work so making a post at 9am is not likely to generate much attention.

You need to bear in mind that there is a ton of content posted on Facebook every day and you do not want your post to be buried by getting the timing wrong. If your fans don’t see your post they will not be able to engage will they?


Make Regular Posts


How long do you think the average half life of a Facebook post is? Well it is about 3 hours. Smart businesses will make more than one post a day to stay in the limelight and you should too. Engagement can only be obtained if people are seeing your posts so be a frequent poster.


Ask Your Fans Questions


Engagement will increase if you ask your fans to answer questions. Go for questions that ask “where”, “when” or “should” as these have been tested and produce the best results. Avoid “why” questions as the response is lowest with these.

Facebook fans and users like to express their feelings so it is a good idea to ask for feedback about your products or services. If you phrase these questions in the “tell us how you feel about XYZ” format this is likely to generate a good response.


Pin Your Posts For Greater Engagement


If you pin a post it will appear at the top left of your timeline and will be highly visible, which is a good way to drive up engagement. It will stay there for 7 days or you can unpin it before that. A pinned post has a little orange flag on it to further attract attention.

Use this tactic sparingly for your top posts.


Tell Them What To Do


People are busy so you need to tell them what to do. If you want them to share one of your posts with their friends then ask them to do that. You can offer them an incentive to do this to try and drive up the number of shares. It is the same with comments and Likes. Just tell them!


Go For A Good Mix


Add variety to your posts and go for something different every day. If today’s post was humorous then tomorrows should be serious or heartfelt. You can post:


  • Case studies
  • Images of happy customers
  • A poll of your fans
  • Product tips
  • New product announcements
  • Contests
  • Employee spotlights
  • Humor
  • Questions or caption completions
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