The Jump Manual Review

Hi there, my name is xxxx xxxx and if you are a basketball fan then I urge you to read my story. I have always loved basketball like you do. When I was a kid I played as often as I could and I watched all of the stars on TV. But I had a big problem. I was not tall enough to make those slam dunks.

I Just Couldn’t Jump High Enough

As I grew up I got a little taller and when I had stopped growing I was just over 5 feet 9 inches tall. I was fast and wiry and I had great ball control, and I could pass the ball well. But the one thing that I was not good at was scoring baskets. I couldn’t jump high enough.

A lot of my team mates used to laugh at me as I tried repeatedly to jump to score baskets. It was very frustrating. When I started work I decided to hire a basketball coach to teach me how to jump higher.

An Expert Basketball Coach Couldn’t Help Me

We worked on my approach and the position of my feet but it didn’t seem to help. After weeks of coaching and spending a lot of money I could only jump about half an inch higher, and that was only sometimes. My coach told me that I would never be able to jump any higher and that I would have to live with this.

But I was not prepared to accept this. One day I had been invited to watch a local game when I spotted a guy that I knew from school playing for the opposing team. He was at least an inch shorter than me but he was able to make some incredible jumps.

My Old Friend Could Jump Really High

I quickly lost interest in the game and spent all of my time watching him in action. I watched every jump that he made and I tried to memorize his technique. I couldn’t wait for the game to be over so that I could meet him again and talk about his jumping. He scored a number of times in the game.

The game finally ended and I rushed over to meet with him. He was surprised to see me and we got talking about the game. He asked me if I still played basketball and I told him that I did but not as well as him. I asked him about his jumping.

He told me that he couldn’t jump very high like me and that he had also employed a coach and this didn’t work. A friend recommended a special course to him and he followed it religiously and was able to improve his jumping by 11 inches in just 3 months. He gave me the name of the course and suggested that I try it.

My Jump Improved By 10 Inches In Three Months!

I did try it and the results were incredible. After following the program as best as I could, I was able to add 10 inches to my jump in just 12 weeks. I was so excited that I called the basketball coach that I had used to show him my new ability. He was shocked to say the least.

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It Was So Easy To Jump Higher

After struggling with being unable to jump high for so long I was amazed at how easy it was to increase my jump with this course. I just had to follow the easy steps and practice as often as I could.

Two Week Cycles

The program that I followed consisted of two week cycles that had to be repeated for twelve weeks. After this time it was recommended that I take a little time off from my jump training. My friend had advised me that it was very important to follow the course to the letter to get the best results. So I observed every detail and followed it closely.

I never missed a day in the 12 week period, and I was rewarded with an extra 10 inches to my vertical jump. The course claimed that I could achieve an extra 12 inches, but I was thrilled by what I had achieved. I just love it when something works well don’t you?

Now at this point I will tell you that you really have to take this training seriously to get the kind of results that I did. You have to be totally committed, but you must also be careful not to over train. You will need to watch your diet as well, as any extra pounds can really hamper your performance.

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I found using the exercises in the Jump Manual really fun to do, and they were not too time consuming. If I can get great results from this then so can you. All you have to do is follow the easy to understand program closely.

The Jump Manual Information

The Jump Manual was created by Jacob Hiller who is a trainer that is known across the globe. He has worked with NBA players and other athletes to improve the way that they jump and their overall performance.

He took a break from basketball a few years back to concentrate on why he couldn’t jump as high as he wanted to. He conducted a lot of experiments in that time and finally figured out the best way to gain inches on his vertical jump. This prompted him to create the Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual was created for people that find it difficult to perform high jumps in basketball and other sports. It targets specific areas such as general strength, the specific strength required to jump further, your stability and balance, using the correct form, improving your flexibility and your jump explosiveness.

The Jump Manual is a comprehensive package which includes:

The Main Jump Manual

This is presented in PDF format and is around 60 pages. You will receive full instructions for the various exercises, and also details of additional training methods to really improve your jumping ability.

There are some cautions and warnings at the start of the manual and help and advice given by a chiropractor. Jacob then tells his own personal story of how he improved his jumping. The philosophy of the maximum jump is then explained, so that you can fully understand the training you are about to perform and why it works so well.

The second chapter is all about the science behind the jumping results and the important component of strength building. Then the manual will discuss your diet and nutrition, and why recovery is an important part of the process.

You will learn about the equipment that will take your jumping to the next level and then there is a description of the Jumpers Forum which you really must join. I was able to get some amazing answers and encouragement from this.

Stretching before a workout is very important and you will learn how to do this properly. Then it is on to the explosion workout to get the maximum results. All of the plans and exercises are detailed here. What you need to do after each workout is covered next and the final chapter discusses progress and sustaining your efforts.

Comprehensive Video Library

You will be able to access a comprehensive video library which will show you all of the stretches and the exercises that you need to perform. This is a great help, as sometimes working from a book is not enough.

Chart For Your Daily Workout

This provides you with the complete plan and all of the steps that you need to take to reach your vertical jump goals.

The Pros Of The Jump Manual

  • The program really works
  • It is a total step by step program that is easy to follow
  • The videos are a real plus and will show each exercise in detail so that you get it right
  • All aspects such as the importance of recovery and nutrition and diet are fully covered
  • The Jumpers Forum is a great resource to ask questions and discuss your training with others who have completed the program
  • There is a one on one coaching opportunity with Jacob Hiller

Cons Of The Jump Manual

  • It will take hard work and total dedication to the program to get the best results
  • Sometimes the videos can take a while to load. This depends on the Internet connection that you have.


The Verdict

I was able to add ten inches to my vertical jump using this program and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot do this too. The Jump Manual is based on scientific principles that most coaches will not be aware of. Will it work for you? Yes it will if you follow every step of the program. You will never regret using the Jump Manual program and improving your vertical jump.

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