More Fans And Likes

How To Get More Fans And Likes For Your Facebook Business Page


It should be the goal of every business to increase their Facebook page fan base and the number of Likes that their page has.

You want to make sure that you get the word out about your page whenever you can and the following strategies will help you to increase the number of fans and Likes:


Tell Them About Your Facebook Page


Use all of your available marketing channels to tell people about your Facebook page. Use social plugins on your website or blog to not only direct people to your business page but encourage the user to Like the page as well.


Use Your Existing Email List


If you have an existing email list then tell all of your subscribers about your Facebook page. You can put a link to your page in your email signature as well so that everybody that you come into contact with will know about it.


Tell Your Existing Contacts


Tell all of your family, friends and existing customers about your Facebook page. There are a number of ways that you can do this. You can create a list of emails and upload them to Facebook. If some of the email addresses are Facebook users then they will see your page in their “Recommended Pages” section.


Use Offline Methods To Promote Your Page


Have you thought about using offline methods as well? You can add the URL of your Facebook page to your business cards, car stickers, in the windows of your office or store and even have it show up on receipts. If you use printed media for promotions then be sure to add the URL there too.


Link Via Other Social Media


If you use other forms of social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn then use these platforms to tell your connections and followers about your Facebook page. You can add the URL to your profile and occasionally mention your page. Don’t overdo this as you do not want to be classed as a spammer!


Use Facebook Ads


If your budget will stretch to it you could use the Facebook ads system to drive more fans and likes. There is an ad known as a “Page Like Ad’ which incorporates a call to action that recommends that a user Like your page.

These Facebook ads will appear in the news feeds of the user or in the ads section. They can be a very effective way to promote your page.


Make Your Page Interesting


Not many Facebook users are going to Like your page if it looks like a ghost town or is full of text only posts. You need to create engaging and fun content that people will want to absorb and comment on.


Add Value


Videos are the most engaging content followed by images and then text. You can provide real value by running contests and polling your fans for their opinions on particular subjects. In order for Facebook users to enter your contests they need to become fans first.


Add A Personal Touch


Give your page the personal touch and tell people all about yourself and others in your organization. Aim to post offers no more than 20% of the time. A Facebook page that is just full of promotional offers is a real turn off to potential fans.


Post Regularly


Be prepared to post regularly. It is a good idea to create a posting schedule for the coming month etc. Mix up your content with humor, videos, offers, customer testimonials, case studies and so on.

If you want to build a large fan base that you can engage with you must be prepared to put in the effort yourself.

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