Robotic Surgery Lawsuit

What Is Robotic Surgery?


Robotic surgery, which is also known as robot assisted surgery, is where surgeons use minimally invasive surgery techniques to conduct procedures. Small incisions are made by the robot and this allows the surgeon to undertake many complicated procedures with a higher degree of precision. Compared to standard surgical techniques, robotic surgery also provides greater control and flexibility.

There are many forms of robot surgery that can be used for the treatment of many conditions. Not everybody is a good fit for robotic surgery and your doctor will need to advise you on whether you are suitable for this kind of surgery.

DaVinci Robotic Surgery


Used in many surgical procedures across the United States, the Da Vinci surgery robot has been designed for less intrusive or invasive surgery. Medical robots have their critics stating that the DaVinci robot may not be required for most medical procedures and that patients could be at severe risk from injury or even death. A number of robotic surgery lawsuits, in particular Da Vinci robot lawsuits, have been auctioned claiming that the people undergoing the robotic surgery have suffered serious and even life threatening injuries as a result.

Designed to help surgeons to operate using small incisions to provide more clarity, the Da Vinci surgical robot was first used in the United States in the year 2000. The medical robot has four arms which are all remote controlled together with a 3D camera which have been designed to perform minimally invasive surgery for gynecological, laparoscopic and urologic procedures.

There is a general belief that patients run the risk of injury with medical robotics because the surgeons have not been sufficiently trained to expertly use the robot. Injuries that have been reported as a result of using Da Vinci robotic surgery are cut ureters, burns and lacerated bladders.

The need for the use of robot assisted surgery for prostrate or gynecological procedures has been questioned in a report by Citron Research. The report suggests that there is a huge gap when it comes to real scientific evidence robotic assisted surgery offers any medical or clinical benefit when the costs and potential problems are taken into consideration. This is despite the surgical robot being used for over ten years. Two patients that were having hysterectomy surgery assisted by the robot died afterwards and these should have been straight forward operations.


Robotic Surgery Lawsuits


Da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuits and intuitive surgical lawsuits have been already filed claiming that people that underwent surgery where surgical robots were included in the procedure have suffered serious injuries. A woman of twenty four died two weeks after a hysterectomy operation which lead to one Davinci robotic surgery lawsuit. The woman is alleged to have experienced burns on one of her arteries and also on her intestines. Electric current should not be able to jump over to healthy tissues and a design fault was cited that allowed this together with the surgeon lacking the proper training to use the robot.

In another robot surgery lawsuit a forty two year old man died and the family blamed the lack of proper training of the surgeon as the cause of his death.

A lot of hospitals in the United States actively promote the use of robot surgery in their brochures and through other media so that they can cover the costs of the expensive robots. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating an increasing trend concerning problems associated with robotics in surgery.

A Chicago man died in 2007 after undergoing robotic spleen surgery and this lead to a malpractice lawsuit. It was claimed that the surgeons accidentally punctured one of his intestines. An infection occurred and this lead to his death. The court awarded his family $7.5 million in damages. It was revealed that for one of the surgeons it was the first time using robotic surgery.


Get Help From A Robotic Surgery Lawyer


If you or a member of your family have been injured after an operation using a surgical robot then you can use the form on this page to contact specialized robot lawyers who will be happy to take a look at your case and advise you whether you can make a claim for compensation.


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