Stretch Marks

Note from Graham – this is a “story based” sales page for a Clickbank style product that converted well. Testimonials were added later by the client.


Ladies – Don’t Let Stretch Marks Ruin Your Life! Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Useless Pills, Creams And Lotions That Will Never Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks Entirely If At All…




OK so you have heard it all before and are skeptical. I totally understand. But I am living proof that you can get rid of your stretch marks naturally, safely and cheaply. I know that my story will interest you…


Hi, I am [Insert Name],

Like you I used to suffer from unsightly and embarrassing stretch marks. The cause of my stretch marks was losing over 100 pounds in weight. I was very proud of losing this weight as I had to go on a strictly controlled diet and work with a fitness trainer many times a week to achieve this.

But my pride soon turned to dismay….




Losing all of that weight had left very ugly stretch marks on my stomach and they were so bad that my dreams of running around on the beach in a new sexy bikini showing off my super slim body had now turned into a nightmare.

I made a few trips to the beach and was very jealous of the other girls there that had super slim bodies and NO stretch marks. I had to do something about this now so like most women who suffer from stretch marks I went to the local drug store to find a cure for this…

Can you relate to this?

I am sure that you can. Every year there are new pills, creams and lotions introduced into the market that claim to REDUCE your stretch marks. Well I don’t know about you but I didn’t want my ugly stretch marks reduced I wanted them GONE FOREVER!

I was desperate to get rid of my stretch marks, as I am sure that you are, so I bought a number of these products and tried them over the next few months and guess what…they didn’t help!




I was so depressed. My stomach looked exactly the same as it did months ago before I started using these treatments. They didn’t even come close to reducing or fading my stretch marks as they had claimed.

Have you tried any of these products and been disappointed like I was? I am sure that you have.

The other thing that disturbed me about these products was the fact that they included a lot of mysterious chemicals and compounds that were in the same foods that I had to stop eating when I was overweight!

Just because you are not eating something doesn’t mean that these harmful chemicals won’t end up in your body. When you apply these lotions your skin absorbs everything and the chemicals end up in your body that way.




After I discovered that these over the counter remedies didn’t work I was so frustrated that I decided to consult an expert about my stretch marks.

Seems logical eh girls? The experts get paid a ton of money to help people don’t they? They must have the answer right? Well I was full of hope and enthusiasm as I went to see a highly paid and highly regarded dermatologist about my stretch marks problem.

I asked him if I could get rid of my stretch marks entirely and his answer was “not really!”

Can you imagine my reaction to this? I had spent a large sum of money and my precious time meeting with this expert and he dashed all my hopes with those two words!

He went on to explain that there were some medical treatments that I could have that would “fade” the stretch marks but there was no guarantee that this would work for me.

How would you feel to be told that? He was recommending that I go through painful and very expensive surgery that was not guaranteed to even fade my stretch marks let alone remove them!

The dermatologist did make another couple of suggestions. The first was a chemical peel designed to fade the stretch marks a bit. Would you want to have a lot of toxic chemicals applied to your skin in the hope that it might fade your stretch marks a bit? No me neither.

He saved the best until last. “Have a tummy tuck” he coolly told me. “That way the skin gets removed and so do the stretch marks”

Wow, so now he is expecting me to go for risky and very expensive surgery to fix the problem meaning that I would have to take weeks off of my work to recover.

I left in disgust because…




I was bitterly disappointed but refused to give up. And you mustn’t give up either! I decided to visit a health food store where I had purchased foods in the past to help me with my weight loss. The store was run by a very helpful couple and I thought that they may have some ideas about how I could get rid of my stretch marks. I am so glad that I went to see them again!

The wife had given birth to twins a few years ago and this had left her with deep stretch marks. She told me that they had now completely gone using natural and cheap methods. I didn’t believe her at first and then she lifted up her top and…




Her skin was very silky and smooth and I begged her to share her secret with me. Being the helpful person that she was she agreed and shared her methods with me. I was shocked. She had completely removed her stretch marks using natural, totally safe and very cheap methods.

I couldn’t wait to try her methods out for myself. The results were astonishing. My stretch marks are now entirely gone forever!

I was so happy with the results that I decided to write a book to help other women like you achieve the same results and I have called it “[Product Name]” Now I mean “get rid’ and not fade or diminish but lose your unsightly stretch marks for good.


By Using The Methods In [Product Name] And You Will…


  • Get rid of your stretch marks permanently
  • Stop other stretch marks developing
  • Use totally natural, safe and inexpensive methods – guaranteed
  • Have the confidence to show your beautiful body in public again
  • Be able to wear that revealing bikini or dress
  • Have total confidence in your appearance
  • Never have to use ineffective and potentially harmful creams, lotions or pills
  • Never have to visit expensive dermatologists
  • Never have to contemplate risky and expensive surgery
  • Have the freedom to do what you want whenever you want


Why Didn’t The Dermatologist Recommend These Methods?


That’s easy to answer. They wouldn’t make any money out of it! Health care is a multibillion dollar industry and expensive surgeries and pills and potions are what keeps the industry going.

There is no way that a dermatologist would recommend any method that they would not get some financial benefit from. It is just a commercial fact. Do you think that you would get a refund if a medical procedure didn’t work? You and I both know that you wouldn’t!


Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What Is Inside [Product Name]


  • Discover the secrets of removing your stretch marks naturally completely and permanently
  • The methods will work for you whether your stretch marks are the result of pregnancy, weight loss, bodybuilding or puberty
  • Step by step methods to take your skin from where it is now to having the clear, scar free skin that you desire and deserve
  • You will learn why hormones are a critical part of the secret
  • Why what you eat is critical to your success of removing your stretch marks and ensuring that no new ones develop
  • The types of foods that you need to eat to keep your hormones in balance and prevent stretch marks
  • The foods that you must stop eating right now to avoid further hormone imbalances
  • The herbal supplements that you can start taking today that will start fading your stretch marks away very quickly
  • How to improve your overall health and get rid of your stretch marks at the same time


And a ton more…


OK [Insert Name] I am convinced but…


What Is The Price Of Getting Rid Of Your Stretch Marks Permanently?


For less than the price of a chemical peel you can have the answer to removing your stretch marks. As soon as your payment is made you can download [Product Name] instantly and start using the methods straight away to get rid of your stretch marks.


But Wait There’s More…


If you order now I will also provide you with the following bonuses:


Skin Care Secrets

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You Are Fully Protected With My Special 60 Day Guarantee


When you order [Product Name], you have my unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days after your purchase.

This means that any time in your first 60 days of owning Get Rid of Stretch Marks, you feel this guide didn’t give you the incredible results that you expected, I’ll give you a full refund.


No questions asked.


The only reason I can give that guarantee is because I am totally confident that you will see the same, unbelievable results that I experienced. Because if it worked for me, I have complete faith it will work for you as well.


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Experience the freedom of having all the stretch marks on your body removed forever. What price would you put on having this freedom? Hundreds? Thousands?

Well now you can experience the freedom that I did for just $xx Get Rid Of Stretch Marks is a very high quality manual with total step by step instructions that are easy for you to follow to get the best results.

I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!


You now have three choices:


  1. Leave this page and do nothing. This means that you will still have your unsightly stretch marks and your freedom will be severely restricted. I seriously don’t recommend this.
  2. Think about it for a while and keep searching for other miracle products (which don’t exist) that will get rid of your stretch marks.
  3. Order [Product Name] now and experience the priceless freedom that your stretch mark free body will give you!


Don’t suffer with stretch marks any longer. Act now


Wishing you a stretch mark free life

[Insert Name]


p.s. Why are you still reading? Take action today and order [Product Name] now so that you can be confident in anything that you decide to wear.

p.p.s. If you do nothing your stretch marks will be the same or you will have to spend a ton of money on potentially dangerous chemical peels or surgery. Don’t take the risk – do it the natural way.



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