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Frustrated with your woodworking projects? Never get them finished?



Are you tired of spending months on woodworking projects only to abandon them after a lot of hard work? What about the money you are wasting on these projects? Don’t worry because I have the answer for you.


Hi my name is [Insert Name],

I want to tell you how all my woodworking projects are now finished quickly and cheaply and how you can do this too.

I always liked woodworking and I guess that you do as well, but I used to find it very frustrating. I would ask my wife Helen what she wanted me to make for our home next and she would laugh at me.




She told me that my track record was not great and that it would be better if we saved up the money to buy furniture in the store. She had seen me buy plans or even try to make things just from my own ideas and they almost always failed.

Does this sound like you? If it does then please read on because I have fixed this problem and I have a real treat for you.

Back then I didn’t consider myself to be a master carpenter; I was just a hobbyist who liked to make things. The problem was that when I used to buy woodworking plans or DIY magazines they were always incomplete and I had more questions than answers.




But there was nowhere to go to get the answers that I needed. One time I took a plan to a professional woodworker and even he couldn’t work it out! This would lead to me having a number of half finished projects in my workshop.

No wonder Helen laughed at me when I asked her what she wanted me to make next. I decided that I had to do something about this so I studied carpentry in great detail. I attended local classes and my dad’s friend spent time with me in my workshop.

Over many years I worked it all out. I was designing my own plans and they contained all of the steps and every detail that I needed to create a beautiful woodworking project quickly and cheaply.

Helen was thrilled and our home was quickly filling up with new furniture, crafts for our kids and I was getting creative with outdoor projects too. There was no stopping me once I had learned everything, and with experience I just got better and better.

You see I quickly worked out that the commercial plans that I had purchased before were not that helpful for the hobbyist. Even the professionals couldn’t work them out. There were often mistakes and some of them were just plain wrong.




One of the things that I really struggled with was the lack of materials and a cutting list. The commercial plans provided minimal details for this and a lot of the errors that I made were due to bad cuts or using the wrong materials.

So once I had the necessary skills and experience I started providing my own step by step plans and materials and cutting lists for each project. I even shared these with some of my woodworking buddies and they thought that they were great.

Everybody that used my plans was producing perfect results. Fantastic woodworking projects that were easy to make and to a budget that was guaranteed. No cutting errors or using the wrong materials. No assembly problems either.




I got so good at making these woodworking plans that I was able to quit my job and work on this full time. I started selling the plans locally and then nationally. They were a big hit with all the woodworkers that purchased them.

Over the years I have created thousands of different plans and I have decided to put them together in a professional package so that you can have access to them as well. I have called this package [Insert Product Name].

If you want to produce perfect woodworking projects every time with no errors and absolutely no guesswork then you need to get [Insert Product Name] now. Here is a small sample of the plans that you will get in your [Insert Product Name] package:

Arbor Plans – Want to build an arbor? I have you covered

Artwork Displays – Easily build that perfect display

Bathroom Plans – Build perfect bathroom cabinets and other projects

Box Plans – Need strong storage boxes? No problem with my plans

Barn Plans – Ideas to develop your barn with ease

Bedroom Plans – Need a new bed or bedroom furniture? It’s all here.

Bee Hives – Build a beehive that will be the envy of your neighbors

Billiard Or Pool Table – Yes you can build your own!

Birdhouses And Feeders – Build that perfect birdhouse or feeder

Boat Plans – Adventurous boat building plans that work every time

Cabin Plans – You can build an entire cabin or internal furniture

Cabinets – Build all kinds of cabinets perfectly

Carport – Perfect carports made easy

Cat House – Does kitty need a new home? No problem

CD/DVD Holder – Tidy up your collection with these plans

Cellar Plans – Redevelop your cellar with these plans

Chairs – Many plans to make those perfect chairs

Chicken Coups – No problem with my plans

Children’s Rooms – Create the perfect room for your kids

Coffee Tables – Simple and easy with my plans

Computer Desks – Build the perfect desk for your computer and printer

Cradle Plans – Make your baby a safe and secure cradle

Deck Plans – Create stunning outdoor decks

Desk Plans – Need a new desk? You can do it with these plans

Dog Kennel – Build a great house for your best friend

Door Plans – Don’t buy expensive doors ever again

Furniture Plans – A comprehensive set of plans for different furniture types

Fence Plans – Build strong and great looking fences

Fireplaces – Stunning fireplaces and mantel plans

Frames – Make gorgeous frames for your mirrors and pictures

Garage Plans – Comprehensive step by step plans for garages

Gazebo Plans – Make a great looking gazebo

Greenhouse Plans – Several plans to choose from

Guitars – Yes you can even make your own guitar

Gun Cabinets – Safe and secure gun cabinets made easy

Home Office – Easily turn one of your rooms into a home office

Kitchen Plans – Cabinets and other kitchen furniture making step by step

Landscaping Plans – Transform your garden with these great landscaping plans

Media Center Plans – Make that perfect media or home entertainment center

Mirror Plans – Easily make perfect mirrors, large or small

Outdoor Plans – A stunning package of outdoor project plans

Pergolas – Want a pergola? It’s easy with these plans

Playhouses – Delight your kids with these playhouse plans

Rabbit Houses – Need a house for your rabbits? No problem

Wood Racks – All kinds of wooden rack building plans

Shed Plans – The perfect plans for sheds

Shelving – Make perfect shelves for every room very easily

Stools – Make stools for your kitchen or other rooms

Swings – Make your kids happy with a swing

Tables – Many plans for tables that are easy to build

Tool Boxes – Keep your tools safe and secure with an easy to make box

Toys – A large selection of plans for wooden toys

Weather Station – Want your own weather station? I will show you how

Windmills – Yes you can even build your own windmill. I will show you step by step how to do this


And many more plans…


The plans in [Insert Product Name] are so detailed there is absolutely no guesswork. They are all totally step by step and they even have different views so you just can’t go wrong! It doesn’t matter what level of woodworking skills that you have the plans will work for you.

You will be able to view your plans on a computer or a mobile device.

OK [Insert Name] these plans sound really great but how much will they cost me?

I used to sell the plans individually for a few dollars each so a collection this big could easily sell for $497. But I know that most people could not afford that and it is not about the money for me. I know how you are feeling and I want to help.

Order [Insert Product Name] now and you can get your plans for the crazy low price of just $xx [Insert Price].


Order Now


But hold on because there is more…

When you order [Insert Product Name] right now I will give you these incredibly valuable bonuses absolutely free. You will have all the tools that you need to become a master woodworker.

[Insert Bonuses]


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I guarantee that [Insert Product Name] will transform the way that you tackle your woodworking projects from now on. It’s so easy with my plans. In fact I am so confident that I will take away all of your risk.

Your purchase of [Insert Product Name] will be fully protected by my no questions asked, 60 day full money back guarantee.

[Insert Guarantee]

When you order [Insert Product Name], you have my unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days after your purchase.

This means that any time in your first 60 days of owning [Insert Product Name], you feel this product didn’t give you the incredible results that you expected; I’ll give you a full refund.


No questions asked.


The only reason I can give that guarantee is because I am totally confident that you will see the same, unbelievable results that I experienced. Because if it worked for me, I have complete faith it will work for you as well.


Order Now


Over the years I have changed from being an enthusiastic hobbyist to a master professional woodworker and you can do this too. It was all down to my detailed plans and they will make you get there as well.

Once you have started to use my plans and completed so many successful woodworking projects your confidence will be sky high and there will be no job that is too large for you to tackle. This is the promise that I make to you.

Or of course you can keep on trying to work it out for yourself and making errors and working to incomplete and confusing plans. Think about all of the time and money you are wasting by doing this. And you will be missing out on the satisfaction of not completing those projects.

Maybe you want you want to go down the self assembly route? Have you seen the prices that the big stores charge for this? And the quality is never that good.

Make the right decision and order [Insert Project Name] right now. You will never regret it.

I wish you success with your woodworking projects.

[Insert Name]

p.s. Don’t leave your purchase of [Insert Product Name] until tomorrow. I am under a lot of pressure to put the price up and I cannot guarantee how long I can keep this low price going for. Don’t pay more order now.

p.p.s. Please remember that you have absolutely no risk here. My cast iron guarantee will protect your purchase for a full 60 days. Start building your perfect woodworking projects with [Insert Product Name] today.


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